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Monster Bash

Monster Bash

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Monster Bash, Second Edition!

Monster Bash has returned with a second edition! Released for Halloween back in 2019, Monster Bash is geared towards kids learning basic arithmetic – but is fun for adults as well.

Featuring artwork by Robert Fike, this relaunched Monster Bash, includes rule clarifications, monster value changes, and most importantly a new monster. This edition is still just as travel-friendly, and an instant classic for family game nights.

Playing monsters

Monster Bash is a simple game, after dividing the deck amongst the players, the player who received the Slime Ball card is the first player and must play the Slime Ball card.

Each subsequent player, in clock-wise order, must play any number of cards equal to the next numerical value; 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and so on. Play continues until either one player has no cards left in their hand or a player cannot play the required numerical value. You cannot play more cards than what is needed to equal the required numerical value.

If players are unable to make the numerical value, they have to pick up the pile of monster and play the slime ball, starting the number sequence over.

If all players pick-up and play the slime ball around the table, then shuffle the deck and start again.

The first player to use all their cards wins.

So, what’s changing?

Most boringly, but perhaps most importantly, we’ve updated the rules to provide additional clarity based on questions and feedback we’ve received.

We’re rebalancing the game by introducing more negative numbers to allow players more options to use multiple cards to make their required number. We’ve also worked to clarify the rules a bit where we’ve seen questions pop-up over the last two years.

We’ve also removed the multiplication card. While doubling isn’t hard math, it did require a card to be removed for a number of our players who were only doing addition and subtraction. Additionally, without a parenthesis card, sometimes it wasn’t clear what value would be/should be multiplied. We’d left it up to the players to decide in our official FAQ, however, as we were adding more negative numbers it ultimately made more sense to simply remove that operator. Don’t be surprised if we release a small 18-card expansion that adds multiplication and division back into the game!


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Second Edition






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