About Us

In 2020 our lives, like many others changed when the Covid 19 pandemic took root. At the time Jake owned an FLGS Jakrew Games. The pandemic hit the company hard and with no customers able to come in and play games, it wasn't long before we needed to close up shop. We had hoped to be able to reopen the following year, but as the pandemic continued and life moved on.

The desire to once again sell board games never left and after being away from it for a couple years he wanted to jump back into it using the new tools he had learned over the last years working a new job. Ready to take on a new adventure again, MEJ Life was born. Through this experience and website, we have also expanded into more than just board games with expansions into all things family related and products that get us out in the world doing things together. We have also added an online liquidation part of the business to help other local companies get rid of the stock they can't seem to get rid of locally.

What is the MEJ Life?

In short, it's a life where you take every opportunity to live life out loud! Take every moment to enjoy the time you have with friends and family. Throw a game on the table or chat about all the things you love no matter how nerdy you sound! Bottom line, it's a life spent with others, getting out in the world, or throwing down a game on the table with others.

What does it mean for us?

For us, MEJ Life is an opportunity for our family to do something we love together. We get to expand our collection of games we play, spend time together packing and shipping orders, and talking all the nerd speak we want! For us Malachi, Esther, and Jael are our life, and we think it's a great life to have!


From our family to yours, thank you!

By supporting our company you are helping our family to continue making new memories just as we hope you continue to make new memories with the products we sell!

Thank you! 

Contact Us:

2323 N 25th St
Sheboygan, WI 53083