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Oceanos (Sun Damaged Box)

Oceanos (Sun Damaged Box)

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OCEANOS is a game of underwater exploration with an original take on card-drafting. Ech player pilots her own submarine trying to spot the most underwater species and the largest coral reef, sending scuba-divers after forgotten treasures, collecting precious crystals to upgrade their ship and to escape the fearsome kraken's gaze. Each submarine is divided into five parts, each of them independently upgradable from level 1 to level 3 and each one of them controlling a different ability of the player (however, there are no different abilities from one player to another). As there are multiple ways to score points and multiple takes on the submarine- upgrading order, the game offeres several ways to win.
  • Unique drafting experience by Antoine Bauza!
  • Customizable submarines provides different strategies!
  • Beautiful artwork by Jeremie Fleury, artist of Little Red Riding Hood!
  • For 2-5 Players, Ages 8+, 30 minute playing time.


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