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Forbidden Sky

Forbidden Sky

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Forbidden Sky continues the tale of the ill-fated adventurers who first went looking for treasure on Forbidden Island. Picking up where Forbidden Desert left off, it sees our adventurers land on a mysterious platform in the sky.

Buffeted by high winds, and with an electrical storm brewing, our adventurers must complete a working electrical circuit to launch a rocket that will allow them to reach safety.

Forbidden Sky is the third in the ‘Forbidden’ series of co-operative games designed by Matt Leacock. Players will need to work closely together with limited information to avoid being struck by lightening or blown off the platform by the storm.

Taking familiar elements of the Forbidden series, such as unique player roles and variable difficulty, as well as new elements including components to build a working electrical circuit, Forbidden Sky will challenge players like never before.

Have you got what it takes to power up the rocket and escape before the storm grounds your adventure permanently?

Player Count: 2-5
Time: 60 Minutes
Age: 10+


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